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SCOTGRIP International Announces Oil & Gas Partnership with IRE

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A new partnership was announced between SCOTGRIP International and IRE FZE to provide anti-slip safety products to the Oil & Gas industry.

Strategic Global Partnership

IRE Oil & Gas FZE (IRE Dubai) has signed an agreement to become a supplier of SCOTGRIP® International’s industrial anti-slip safety products across the Middle East region. The decision shows their commitment to quality and innovation. Both companies can continue providing customers with the best solutions on market for protecting themselves from injury during work hours or accidents at home.

The new partnership will see IRE supply multiple target sectors, including energy production facilities and marine operations (where slip prevention measures are crucial). This latest venture follows a recent announcement by SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL on the launch of their two new UK Sales offices at the Port of Dundee and Port of Blyth.

About SCOTGRIP® International

SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL combines knowledge, expertise, and innovative thinking to help their clients deliver safer outcomes. For 30 years’, they’ve been trusted by their global clients to develop state of the art anti-slip safety products. These products keep their clients’ workforce safe, ensuring efficient operations and productivity. The SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL team’s use of their expertise produces the highest level of service. Customers also can expect the delivery of custom solutions based on their individual needs.

Since 2002, they’ve upheld their accreditation in the internationally recognized quality management standards ISO9001. This demonstrates their dedication to ensuring clients consistently receive trusted, reliable service.

Mark Prise, SCOTGRIP® International Global Operations Directorat, said,” We’ve recently had a number of positive meetings with IRE Dubai, and following a rigorous due diligence process we felt they had the drive, expertise, network and integrity that matched our own. This represents another important step forward in our company’s future growth in key overseas locations and we’re delighted to work with IRE Dubai to ensure our clients enjoy quality in-country support.



About IRE Oil & Gas FZE

IRE specializes in the purchase and supply of products for the international oil and gas industry. Many of the products we supply are centered around safety, including fire safety equipment as well as anti-slip and other types of safety equipment. Focusing on providing innovative solutions and superior quality at competitive prices, we are also proud of our premium customer service.

With over 30 years’ experience, we have high-level partnerships with our manufacturers that goes beyond the distribution element. We act as an extension of their business and carefully select who we represent. We offer our own after-sales service consisting of extremely skilled and knowledgeable personnel who are product experts and are strongly backed by our manufacturers through inventory, engineering, and training support.

Our offices, yard and warehouse space are located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Therefore, IRE is strategically placed to easily service the GCC region in an industry which is expanding.

Dan Asher, Managing Director of IRE Dubai says,“ Partnering with any business requires careful consideration to ensure both companies share the same vision, and ambition for success. In SCOTGRIP® INTERNATIONAL we saw a company with a proven track record and a high-quality range of sustainable safety products that will meet the needs of many of our existing (and new) clients across the Middle East. We recently visited their facilities and saw a number of future innovations that will also add great value to end users.

Connect With Us

We’re here to help! If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with SCOTGRIP® International, we’d love to continue the conversation. Any other questions are welcome, we want to help you find the solution you need. Reach out today!!