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IRE’s key takeaways from ADIPEC 2023

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As the single largest technical meeting place for the energy sector, ADIPEC is a show filled with cutting edge technology, inspiring insights and thought-provoking discussions that help to drive our industry forward. 

The IRE team had an incredibly busy stand at this year’s show, and we invited four of our fantastic manufacturer partners to exhibit their technology alongside us: Keystone Energy Tools, Performance Pulsation Control (PPC), BOOSTplus and Green Boom

But what were the highlights for the IRE team this year? Read on to find out…


Dan Asher, CEO

“The theme of sustainability was far more prevalent at this year’s show compared to the last. Almost 50% of stands had imagery and messaging related to sustainability, and there were genuine conversations being held across ADIPEC - companies weren’t just “greenwashing”. This was so encouraging to see, with more people understanding the value proposition green tech can offer, and seeing this as a progressive way forward in the industry.”


Fredelyn Lape, Quality & Process Supervisor

“This was by far the busiest ADIPEC that I’ve ever attended, and it was certainly the most memorable as I was invited to be a delegate in The Adipec Forum for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion forum.

“During the interactive roundtable discussions, I gained lots of ideas and inspiration from listening to other delegates and their perspectives on the topic assigned to our table, Quiet Quitting, which was headed up by Ms. Songyishu Yang of McKinsey & Co.

“The panel had very informative discussions about millennials and the gen z workforce, gender parity, cultivating a supportive workplace culture, and inclusive leadership. The workshop towards the end of the event was also very enriching, as I was able to listen to the experiences of men and women from varied backgrounds, industries, and professions on the topic of inclusive approach.

“A big takeaway from ADIPEC is that diversity of thoughts is already a major part of IRE’s culture, and is something that I, along with the rest of the team, should be really proud of.”


Tim Holgado, Sales & Operations Assistant

“This was my first time attending ADIPEC, and I think it's truly amazing how many attendees and exhibitors were focussed on this year’s goal: efficient energy transition.

“I managed to talk with a wide variety of people and businesses about sustainability and improving efficiency, and about IRE’s portfolio of products. I’m already looking forward to joining next year.”


Elsie Pelipada, Sales Coordinator

“I visited ADIPEC for the second time, which provided a massive opportunity to meet in person with individuals I had been dealing with for a long time, such as manufacturers, customers, and friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in over 15 years). Additionally, I had the chance to expand my knowledge and gain an international perspective by engaging with energy professionals from various countries. I actively participated in discussions around creating and addressing the challenges of energy transition.”


Andrew Stratton, General Manager

“Another great ADIPEC - it seems to go from strength to strength each year! The highlight for me was seeing the IRE stand so busy, with lots of discussions with our four partners who joined us this year.”


Rhea Gabia, Administrator & HR Assistant

“This was the most exciting and busy ADIPEC event we've ever experienced. This year, I embraced more responsibilities, meticulously overseeing every aspect of planning for IRE.

“The trust placed in me by our management to be a part of this event has been incredibly rewarding, witnessing the management’s appreciation and our esteemed partners’ gratitude towards our efforts. I can confidently affirm that every ounce of dedication and effort I invested in this event has yielded significant returns, resulting in an unequivocal and resounding success."


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